Terms and condition

  1. Mission and Purpose: Niwala is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing assistance and support to underprivileged communities, promoting education, healthcare, and sustainable development initiatives.
  2. Compliance: By using Niwala’s services or participating in its programs, you agree to comply with all applicable laws and regulations.
  3. Donation Policy: All donations made to Niwala are non-refundable. Niwala reserves the right to allocate donated funds to various projects and programs based on its discretion and the needs of the communities it serves.
  4. Privacy Policy: Niwala respects the privacy of its donors, volunteers, and beneficiaries. Personal information collected by Niwala will be kept confidential and will not be shared with third parties without consent, except as required by law.
  5. Volunteer Engagement: Volunteers participating in Niwala’s activities are expected to adhere to the organization’s values and code of conduct. Niwala reserves the right to terminate the engagement of any volunteer who engages in behavior that is inconsistent with its mission or values.
  6. Intellectual Property: All content, including but not limited to logos, trademarks, and materials produced by Niwala, are the property of the organization and may not be used or reproduced without permission.
  7. Liability: Niwala is not liable for any damages, losses, or injuries arising from participation in its programs or events, except in cases of gross negligence or intentional misconduct.
  8. Amendment: Niwala reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. It is your responsibility to review the terms periodically for updates or changes.

By participating in Niwala’s programs or using its services, you acknowledge and agree to these terms and conditions.